Office of the Registrar-University of Rwanda

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1. What is the service Am I eligible ?

Certification of Academic Transcripts and Certificates which is often required by foreign universities.

2. Department to be approached :

The Academic Registrar through the Deparment of Academic Records

3. When can I access the service ?

All 5 working days : From Monday to Thursday : 7:00 am to 17:00 pm And Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00pm

4. Time limit to access this service

One week maximum

5. The costs for accessing the service

- Currently it is Rwf5, 000 for one certificate and a set of transcripts of the whole qualification
- The amount to pay depends upon the number of copies an applicant wants

6. What documents are required ?

- An application letter
- Proof for payment (receipts issued by UR Finance Unit)

7. What is the procedure ?

- Bring your application letter to the Reception desk of the Office of the Registrar
- Come after one week to get your documents

8. What other institutions do I need to visit to access the service ?

- Bank
- UR Finance
- Faculty

9. Is there a complaint procedure ?

Claim in writing or by email to be addressed to the Academic Registrar

10. Any additional information regarding this service

Please visit for more details

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